We Give Real Estate Agents
Up to 10 Listing Appointments / month

We Guarantee up to 10 Listing Appointments per Month

or we'll pay you *$1,000 for wasting your time.
*See the contract for details
Do You Want Guaranteed Listing Appointments?
We Give Real Estate Agents
Up to 10 Listing Appointments / month

We Give Top Producing Agents up to 10 listing Appointments per month

We set over $1 Billion in Listing Appointments during 2017
Real Estate Faster has set over $2 Billion in Listing Appointments since January 2016
Do you have what it takes to get a listing?
We are giving listing appointments to Agents that can prove they have what it takes to be a Top Producer.

The life of a Real Estate Agent is filled with stress and long hours. How much easier would life be if you had a steady stream of listing appointments set up for you?
We do all of the work for you to get a listing appointment
There are many time consuming tasks required to set a listing appointment:
  • Identify Sellers that want to sell right now - Not some point in the next 5-7 years
  • Find their contact information - This requires time and money
  • Make a whole bunch of phone calls - less than 11% answer each time you call
  • Persevere through the people who say "F U, stop calling me" - This is why people hate cold calling, but it works, so we have a successful business and set over $2 Billion worth of listing appointments
  • Talk to people who aren't qualified and/or not interested - This is the most time consuming part
  • Master your scripts, keep your energy high, set goals, etc. - If you don't do this, you'll waste more time in the previous steps
  • Warm up and pre-sell - To increase your conversion rates when you meet them in person
  • Objection Handling - Most Sellers throw up objections to subconsciously test you
  • Set the appointment - a specific time and date for you to meet them in person
But the most vital task is actually going on the listing appointment and closing them... 

Can you do that?
🤯 Imagine if all you had to do was go on listing appointments 🤯

How much faster would your business grow if you delegated all that time to someone else?
We do all of the work for you to get a listing appointment.

We pursue quality leads and call them one after another with proven scripts until we set your Guaranteed Listing Appointments.

Tell us a little bit about you and give us access to your calendar, then we do the rest.

That's it. 

No guessing which marketing techniques will work...

No more spending countless hours trying to get a listing appointment...

& No more wasting money trying to get your name out there!
My name is Deven Nemer. 

I’m the founder of Real Estate Faster and I’ve been in real estate for about 15 years both as an Agent and as an Investor.

Under my leadership, Real Estate Faster set over $2 Billion worth of listing appointments.

I have bought, sold, managed, brokered, and flipped residential, multi-family, and commercial properties.

I have a number of recorded videos that explain step by step how I've earned substantial sums of money for myself and my clients, but it all starts with listing appointments. 

So let's establish a relationship first, prove that you can close on the listing appointments we send you, and then I'll share my video library with you.
I hired a personal assistant back in 2009, taught him about real estate and helped him build his business. 

He now runs an office with several dozen employees.

Together, we've created a system to guarantee listing appointments and today we're offering you up to 10 Listing Appointments every month.

You just have to prove to us that you can close on them.
It's not Rocket Science!
We are doing the same thing your broker has been telling you to do for years.

Yes, you could do this on your own. 

For over 60 years, Brokers have been telling their agents to do exactly what we're doing, because it's a proven method that works. 

The problem is we hate doing cold calls ourselves. 

Most of the calls go to voicemail and a lot of the people who answer are very rude to you. This process of gathering leads, looking up additional contact information, scrubbing the contacts against the Do Not Call list, then cold calling them one after the other could take you several days to get a single listing appointment and it kills your self esteem to be told no so many times.

How much do you value your time? Is your time worth more than $5 per hour?

Do you understand that Listings are the key to a successful Real Estate Career?

Every listing you take should help you generate additional leads of sellers and buyers, so using our proven methods to set up one appointment after another will help you reach the next level.

If we could set $2 Billion worth of listing appointments, surely we can send a few your way, so, why not hop on this gravy train?

You guys are really good at what you do and you‘re really good with your follow up. You hold be people accountable. I mean your whole system is awesome!!

Rob R.

In the past year you guys have been working hard to improve the process, improve the communication and improve the quality.

Chris M.

I wouldn't wanna give away secrets but if on a scale of 1 to 10. I'll give you a 8.75... i would put you up there.. you give quality appointment... I wouldn't (recommend) because i think of you as a secret.

Alexander H. @ Coldwell Banker

With them not being in my market, I would highly recommend it (REFaster). With them being in my market, of course you I rather not recommend it (REFaster) because I like having sources that other people don’t.

Eddie W. @ Realty Executive 

I would say a 9... it's worked out really really well. I've tried this service with other companies and it didn't work at all but with you guys it seems to be working!!!

Chris S. @ Berkshire Hathaway

I certainly don't wanna recommend you to other agents who are gonna compete against us. I think you have done a good job!!

Perry H. @ Berkshire Hathaway

I’m killing it in my office right now people are like what is going on with this guy. I told them, I bought a new lead system that's calling expireds and withdrawns for me and it's been great...

Eric B.

You’re getting the appointments and gettings us in touch with people and that's what we want and we’re not having to do anything to get it...

Perry H.

When I walk through the door the people are looking for me for answers and advice and counseling.

Chris M.

I got the listing!
They were realistic about what their home was worth. They just wanted to see that I had experience and a good marketing plan.

Tim M.

I have gotten business out of it and it has returned on my investment.

Chris G.

You guys are really good at what you do and you‘re really good with your follow up. You hold be people accountable. I mean your whole system is awesome.

Rob R.

I say you cannot lose... It's a slam dunk... It’s truly truly a great system.. I’m excited... I love working with you guys

Martin L.

I have tried this service with another company once and it didn’t work at all but with you guys, it seems to be working.

Chris S.

Things are going good I just sold an $800,000 listing that you (Real Estate Faster) gave me

Craig P.

We made $185k in 45 days flipping a property

Greg F.
It's Guaranteed - 
We'll pay you $1,000 if you don't get Listing Appointments
If the interview goes well and we believe that you have what it takes to close on the Listing Appointments that we send you, we'll send you over a copy of our contract.

Right in the contract we spell out the terms of exactly how we guarantee that you will get Listing Appointments, how many we guarantee you will get and what happens if you don't get the promised appointments - including a $1,000 check sent to you if we waste your time.
It's Exclusive!
I would rather work with less agents and build a relationship with each one, than to treat you like a number. 

Building the right relationships with the right people is key to long term success.

And honestly, we don't make a profit until after your 4th closing anyway, so we have to think about this as a long term relationship with many closings over as many years as you're in business.

You don't have to be the best agent in your area right now for us to work with you, but you should be able to prove that you have what it takes to be a top producer.

You do that by closing on the appointments that we give you. If you can do that, there is more we can do to enhance your career.

That said, if you don't act quickly we may begin an exclusive relationship with someone else in your area and you will no longer have the opportunity to work with us.

(We reserve the right to refuse service. We’ll do some research on you before we start setting appointments and if there are any red flags, we’ll cancel your order and refund your money.)
If You Can Convert, We Are Extremely Loyal
We just turned down a potential client because she was in the same area as an existing client. We asked her if she'd heard of us because of him and here's what she said:
"I actually figured out the other agent was involved accidentally, I saw him getting tons of listing appointments and was not sure how he was doing it, I decided to search online to see if I could buy listing leads already set and you were the only company that popped up. When I was reading the page I saw his picture next to a testimonial, total coincidence and only because you guys seem to be the main players in the game!"
P.S. We set over $2 Billion Worth of listing appointments since January of 2016, that tells you we've nearly saturated the market and if there is an opening for your city, then you should jump on this right away. Once we find an agent that can convert for us, they are our client for life and your city may forever be unavailable for our service.
Deven Nemer CEO - Real Estate Faster
Deven Nemer 
CEO / Founder
"I look forward to building a long term relationship with you, and helping you sell a ton of homes"
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